How Element0 Reduced a Client’s Negative Online Footprint

Case Study 1 – How Element0 Reduced a Client’s Negative Online Footprint

One of our clients, a major player in their sector, was suffering the ill-effects of a negative online footprint caused by unfavourable media coverage. They engaged Element0 to improve their damaged online reputation, and also to reduce risk of such events happening again.


Element0 undertook the following steps in this project:

  Conducted briefing and training sessions to the Board, the CEO’s direct reports and the response team members on social media, active management and crisis response
Established social media protocols. Setting up response channels and escalation paths was the priority
Mapped issues to assess relative risk so that response plans could be drawn up for each
Developed crisis and communication plans, with mapped responses for each defined crisis
Tested the new plans in a half-day simulation
Advised strategies to minimise the damage done by the existing negative reputation


 A reduced negative online footprint.

An improvement in the functional ability of the team with respect to rapid response deployment.

Improved Board and senior executive support for future reputation risk management.